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Dive Tahiti Blue - Extraordinary Dive Tours & Travel - Scuba diving vacation specialists
Dive Tahiti Blue - Extraordinary Dive Tours & Travel - Scuba diving vacation specialists
Dive Tahiti Blue - Extraordinary Dive Tours & Travel - Scuba diving vacation specialists
Dive Tahiti Blue - Extraordinary Dive Tours & Travel - Scuba diving vacation specialists
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Island Tour: Scuba Diving in Raiatea (Society Islands)

Within the Society Islands, it seems that Moorea gets all the attention for it's many sharks while Bora Bora is know for it's manta rays, so I will openly tell you the best kept secret within the Society Islands is Raiatea/Tahaa. There are over 20 dive sites and all within a 10-20-minute boat ride of the dive center. You have everything from drift dives through the many passes (there are 11) to drop offs, pinnacles for the advanced diver also caves and coral canyons. You will find beautiful black, yellow and purple coral walls. Raiatea even has a wonderful wreck dive -- it is a three-masted ship called the Nordby that sunk in 1900.

In terms of fish: you'll find silver and blacktip sharks, napoleon, moray eels, sea-pike, trevally, tuna, leopard rays, grouper, barracuda and dolphins. In addition there are a huge assortment of nudibranches. If you are able to visit July-November you'll have the chance of seeing humpback whales. While July-September you have the possibility of seeing manta rays. Raiatea/Tahaa is an excellent dive destination and has something for every level of diver.

Just a 40-minute flight from Tahiti and located between Huahine and Bora Bora, the twin islands of Raiatea and Tahaa share a common lagoon. A narrow 1.8 mile channel separates the two islands however the airport is on Raiatea so no matter which island you are visiting, you will likely stop on Raiatea first. Though their names are often invoked in the same breath, Raiatea and Tahaa are two distinctly different islands.

Winding its way though valleys, gorges and rainforests, the Faaroa River holds a mythic place in the history of Raiatea. This balmy green haven, bordered by wild hibiscus trees, is the historic site where hundreds of brave Maohi families departed on their migratory voyages to settle Hawaii and New Zealand. It is the only navigable river in Polynesia and runs in to the huge Faaroa Bay. This is an excellent excursion.
Scuba diving in RaiateaThanks to the area's relatively low population, the waters around Raiatea and Tahaa abound with fish. Fishing enthusiasts can take advantage of this fortuitous situation by chartering a fishing boat for a half or full day. Cast your line and catch jackfish, mahi mahi, marlin, sailfish and tuna.

Home to a wide variety of reef fish and plant life, the lagoon offers excellent snorkeling attracting schools of eels, perches, triggerfish, red snappers, silver jacks, tunas and red runners, not to mention an assortment of sharks (all very friendly of course!).

Raiatea means "faraway heaven" and "sky with soft light." It is considered the most sacred of the Polynesian Islands and 1000-years ago was the first island to be settled thus creating the religious and cultural center of Polynesia. It is said that any marae (temple) on another island had to incorporate a stone from the ancient Marae Taputapuatea on Raiatea. This Polynesian temple is a national monument, featuring six stone shrines located on a flat, sandy point. A great number of human sacrifices were performed at this historic site. There are organized excursions to Marae Taputapuatea or you could just rent a car and visit it on your own, but definitely put this on your "to do" list.

Today, Raiatea is the yachting and sailing capital of Tahiti and Her Islands. With more than a half dozen yacht charter companies, you have the perfect opportunity to cruise around Raiatea and Tahaa. There are no beaches on Raiatea except around the surrounding motus (islets). Sailing a boat will bring you right to the gorgeous white sand motus of Nao Nao, Tautau or Tehutu.
Raiatea is a huge mountainous volcanic island, second only in size to Tahiti. Its lush green interior makes it the perfect place for hiking or horseback riding. There are a good number of well-maintained trails here.


For a complete list of accommodations, visit the Raiatea Accommodations page here.

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